questfortheholymale asked:

i get what you're trying to say but they said “i have anxiety, adhd, depression, anorexia, carpal tunnel and photosynthesis” they are making a joke of disorders by including the last two. i have/had (recovered from the anorexia) the first four and yeah i find it pretty ableist and offensive. there's really no reason to personally insult me, either. thanks

thetachibabe answered:

It wasn’t offensive are you kidding me right now? They were exaggerating the fact that some people tend to put bullshit ‘disorders’ on their blog. Which whoa, actually happens. Those people belittle these disorders that we have way more than someone who was making a fucking point that it’s bullshit. I found your comment way more offensive than what they were saying. I was pointing out that your comment on the post was so rude and wrong. Deal with it when people tell you that you’re wrong. I’m sick of having my disorder glorified and mocked because people have brought it to that point. Thank you very fucking much. 








if you’re sick of having your disorders mocked then why are you supporting the shaming and mocking of them? that post was incredibly problematic. you shouldn’t label other people’s disorders as bullshit either because you don’t know what’s going on with that person.

there’s also no need to be so rude towards me. i’m just trying to explain to you why that post isn’t good.

Do you understand how angry I was at your comment? My hands were shaking when I wrote my response. I reread it several times just so I knew I could get my point across. You shouldn’t defend people who are the real ones to mock and belittle our disorders. They’re what’s problematic, not that post. In fact, bless that post. Bless that post for bringing awareness to people who glorify our conditions because it’s wrong and a horrible thing to do. People ignore our disorders because of people like that, but thank god for posts like that to make it aware that belittling and mocking or disorders is wrong. Thank god for posts like that, letting people who do that know it’s wrong. You’re acting as if it was targeted at people with actual disorders? It was meant to bring awareness to the belittlement. I have nothing wrong with people with real disorders seeking the help they need. I have a huge fucking issue with people self diagnosing themselves because they think it’s ‘cool’ thanks to the fucking glorification of it. It’s a terrible thing to have depression. It’s a fucking nightmare. I’d rather not have some random person saying they’re depressed on their blog because I dunno, they’re iPhone broke or some shit.

i can understand why it would make you angry to think people are glorifying it, however, listing out one’s disorders isn’t glorifying it. it’s just stating facts or maybe explaining behaviors. sometimes, people are proud to be survivors of a disorder. the post was targeting people who have their disorders on their blog, which, yes, includes people who have been diagnosed. it is important to bring awareness to the belittlement, however, that post does not help at all. it only shames people.

The post, and I will say this again, was not directed towards people with actual disorders. I repeat: the post was made to spread awareness of the fact some people belittle and self diagnose real disorders. It is very important to bring awareness to the belittlement, which is why it was a great post. That post shames people who are mocking and making our disorders seem unimportant. Which is a good thing to shame. One more time. That post is 100% correct.

seeing as they mentioned specific disordes, many people will feel as if it was directed at them, including me. you don’t know the intentions of the poster and neither did i. either way, it’s still problematic. if they wanted to work against the belittlement they could have done much better than making a problematic statement like that.

some people cant afford/cant diagnosed dont tell people off for self-diagnosing

^^^^ yesssss this is very important therapy and that stuff is very expensive

This is fucking confusing. Whose side should I take?



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